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To celebrate the 28 handcrafted parts that make up a pair of Hunter Boots, on the 28th of every month, we’ll be sharing our latest series #HunterTwentyEight. This month we’re spotlighting the top 28 places to take your boots on vacation.

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1. The Ice Hotel, Sweden
For a unique and truly unforgettable travel experience, visit the Ice Hotel in Sweden. Everything from the glasses to the beds is made from ice! A visit to witness the northern lights is also a must do.

2. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Visit the world’s largest salt flat in Bolivia’s Andean high desert which stretches across over 10,000 square kilometers.

3. Postonjna Caves, Slovenia
For the avid explorer, a visit to these caves is a must. The Postonjna Caves are made up of a network of 20 kilometers of passages, galleries and chambers into which only experienced guides accompany more than 35 million visitors over the last 180 years. This is the most visited cave in Europe.

4. The Lake District, England
Home of Beatrix Potter, dramatic landscapes and fascinating history, this is one of the most popular holiday destinations in England. The Lake District, also commonly known as The Lakes or Lakeland is located in Cumbria and contains the deepest and longest lakes in England. Visiting outside of the summertime? Make sure to pack a pair of our Balmoral boots!

5. TreeHotel, Finland
For those who aren’t afraid of heights or new experiences then the TreeHotel in Finland is one to add to the bucket list. Stay in a "tree room" to enjoy a fantastic view of the Lule River valley, miles of forest and the powerful river. This experience is all about forgetting about the constraints of everyday life, enjoying the serenity and rejuvenating in a sophisticated yet familiar environment.

6. Big Bend National Park, Texas
This national park is the largest unprotected area of Chihuahuan Desert topography and ecology in the United States. The park covers over 800,000 acres and contains over 1,200 species of plants, over 450 species of birds, 56 species of reptiles and 75 species of mammals. The park is named after an area which is bounded by a large bend in the Texas-Mexico border. There are plenty of hiking trails to choose from, but our favorite is the Lost Mine Trail, a great way to explore the flora and fauna of the Chisos Mountains and the view of the Pine Canyon and the Sierra del Carmen in Mexico.

7. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
This area spans over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns together, the result of an ancient eruption. Located in Country Antrim on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland, it was declared the fourth greatest natural wonder in the United Kingdom. This is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Northern Ireland. Be sure to wear your Hunter boots as you explore across the stepping stones of this great natural wonder.

8. Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
This lake is the fourth largest lake in New Zealand and is located in the Otago region. Its name is Maori and is also the name of the town on the lake. Outdoor lovers will love the lake’s spectacular location at the foot of the Southern Alps with the wilderness of the Mount Aspiring National Park nearby. Indulge in all kinds of sports including boating, hiking, climbing and mountain biking.

9. Reed Flute Cave, China

10. Bigar Waterfall, Romania

11. Lake Hillier, Australia

12. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States
This canyon was formed by erosion of the Navjo Sandstone, primarily due to flash flooding and secondarily due to other sub-aerial processes. Rainwater, especially during monsoon season, runs into the extensive basin above the slot canyon sections, picking up speed and sand as it rushes into the narrow passageways. Over time the passageways eroded away, making the corridors deeper and smoothing hard edges in such a way as to form characteristic "flowing" shapes in the rock. This slot canyon is located on Navajo land. The name for the Upper Antelope Canyon is Tsé bighánílíní, which means “the place where water runs through rocks”. Lower Antelope Canyon is Hazdistazí which means “spiral rock arches.” The lower part of this canyon is a maze of abstract shapes carved from sandstone by wind and water. From above, the slot canyon looks like any other stretch of Arizona desert, but descend into it and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into some elaborate art installation. This is one trip for the holiday goer who is a keen explorer.

13. Tomantina Festival, Spain
This famous food fight festival is held on the last Wednesday of August each year in the town of Bunol, near Valencia in Spain. Thousands of people make their way from around the world to fight in the "World’s Biggest Food Fight", where more than one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes are thrown in the streets. Aside from this day, there is also a week-long festival featuring music, parades, dancing and fireworks.

14. The Marble Caves, Chile

15. The Northern Lights, Norway

16. Skellig Islands, Ireland

17. Songkran, Thailand
Also known as the Thai Water Festival, this event is considered one of the most important for the people of Thailand. It is celebrated as a traditional Thai New Year, when the people sprinkle water, out of respect and to pay Buddha respect, on the elders.

18. Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England
This is a limestone gorge in the Mendip Hills, near the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England. The gorge is the site of the Cheddar show caves, where Britain’s oldest complete human skeleton, Cheddar Man, estimated to be over 9,000 years old, was found in 1903. The caves contain stalactites and stalagmites. This cave is now the second greatest natural wonder in Britain and attracts over 500,000 visitors each year.

19. Lake Baikal, Russia

20. Pamukkale, Turkey

21. Lake Natron, Tanzania

22. Canadian Rockies, Canada

23. Ice Castles, Colorado

24. Yorkshire Dales, England

25. Blue Mountains, Australia

26. The Devon Beaches, England

27. Lake Vyrnwy, Wales  

28. Fly Geyser, Nevada, United States