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"The Hunter": 7th Rise

Hunter was born out of a passion to innovate and a thirst for discovery. We are celebrating these pioneering qualities with a new series called, "The Hunter". We will follow the journeys of today's adventurers all around the world, from the countryside to the city.

Kicking off the series, we explore the outdoors with 7th Rise founder, Thom. A self-proclaimed "man of the wild", Thom is a modern day adventurer. He runs 7th Rise in the UK, which offers outdoor adventures and courses in fishing, wild food cooking, kayaking and more. We love his back to basics, no nonsense approach, celebrating the very best of the natural environment.

We spoke with Thom about the changing of the seasons and his love for autumn. Here's what he had to say:

"It is with great enthusiasm, energy, passion, tenacity, vigor and vitality that I welcome you to autumn.

"I believe that autumn, like most things in life, has a beauty in it and it is our job to find those, sometimes, hidden secrets. As the days get shorter, I feel our opportunities get bigger. Yes, maybe the balmy late summer evenings have now gone, but so have the crowds of fair weather good timers and this could be our time to enjoy a different level of the great outdoors. So many people slip into the whole 'summer's over, let’s stay inside' routine, but the true outdoorsy kind know something beyond the challenge of the cooler winds and wetter future. They know there is a beauty to be found still in the woods, by the rivers and in the fields.

"Maybe it's a 6am, pitch-black start in the misty, still air to take the dog for a walk, or the post-Sunday roast, family stroll round the reservoir. Whatever it may be, just be sure that you're still out there, in the elements, searching for those good times, whatever the weather.

"So, get your Hunter boots on, and step out into the environment they were designed and built for. Get out there and find those gems of nature that only those of us who are willing to search for are entitled to."

Thom wears the Balmoral Neoprene in Dark Olive.