DIY Cut Off Shorts

We teamed up with DIY fashion blogger Geneva of A Pair & A Spare, to bring you an exclusive DIY summer project. Denim cut off shorts are the perfect staple to pair with your Hunter wellies for summer concerts or hot rainy days.


You will need:

- A pair of denim shorts (Geneva made her pair out of cut off mens jeans – nice and oversized for comfortably sitting on the grass etc.)
- Chalk/pencil
- Dome studs with prong backs in gold and silver (available at craft stores)
- Beading plyers (available at craft stores)


How to:

Step 1+2. Starting at the bottom of the shorts, press a stud into the fabric, allowing the prongs to come out the back.

Step 3+4. Using the beading plyers, press the prongs down and flat so they don’t scratch your skin.

Step 5. Continue with the rest of the studs, leaving roughly just less than one stud gap between them. Alternate between silver and gold for the certain Americana feel.

Step 6. Do one side then the other. If you make a mistake simply open the prongs with your plyers and start again.

Voila! The perfect summer, rainy day or festival outfit.