Hunter is proud to be an official partner of the BNY Mellon Boat Race. Now in its 160th year, the Boat Race is between crews from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, who will go head to head against each other in this iconic race this Sunday, April 6th, in London.

To celebrate our partnership with the Boat Race, we're taking you exclusively behind the scenes to find out exactly what it takes to be part of this prestigious sporting event.

With each team sporting a different shade of blue, the only question that remains is: WHICH BLUE ARE YOU?

Watch our exclusive interview with Steve Dudek , the President of the Cambridge University Boat Club above, and read more from our interview below.

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Steve Dudek went from being a star American Football player in high school to the President of the Cambridge University Boating Club. He talks to Hunter about changing sports, hard work, and how badly he wants to win The Boat Race against Oxford on April 6th.

Where does your passion for rowing come from?
The short answer is nowhere – the actual act of rowing isn’t very enjoyable. It’s not the rowing itself that motivates me, it’s winning! Rowing rewards hard work on a one to one scale; unlike other sports you can’t rely on your talent. The people who get the most out of rowing are the ones who put the most into it.

How do you, as a team, define success?
We talk a lot about the differences between process and outcome but ultimately, our goal is to win and at the end of the day that outweighs everything else that we do.

How does weather affect your training and performance when you’re out there?
The weather has a big impact on our training. Waking up at 5:45am on a cold day in London is absolutely miserable. It’s only bearable because we’ve got our Hunter Boots on.

Let’s talk about boat race day – what happens?
The Boat Race day (April 6th) is the conclusion to a very long season for a group of 18 people; they will race approximately 6, 800 meters down the championship course at either Surrey or Middlesex.
On the day of the race the team will wake up very early before going down to the course to get a pre-paddle in.

As a team, do you have a tag line that you use to help motivate you to achieve your goals?
A very short one: Win.  It’s always about winning on the day; every race, every practice that comes before – it just doesn’t matter. The day is a reflection of all those moments and all those days, and everything that you’ve done.

How will you celebrate with the team?
We’ll go out and have fun. The next day we may not feel great but we’ll need to get back in the library.

Which blue are you?
Cambridge Blue, 'til I die.