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As a hazy summer of festivals stretches out before us, Hunter’s resident Music Editor introduces five lesser known acts guaranteed to put on an impressive show.

Festival Hub Performances 1

Five lads from Stockport, Blossoms make jangly, ‘80s-inspired indie in thrall to their neighbouring city’s musical heritage. Tom Ogden (vocals, guitar), Charlie Salt (bass, backing vocals), Josh Dewhurst (lead guitar), Joe Donovan (drums) and Myles Kellock (keyboards) will be rolling out tracks from their eponymous debut album all summer. Expect no-frills guitar-pop from a well-oiled machine that deals in authenticity and harmony: these guys are incredible live.

Festival Hub Performances 2

New York three-piece Sunflower Bean cut their teeth playing DIY spots across the city, but it didn’t take long for word to spread online about their knack for catchy, shoegaze melodies. Julia Cumming (bass, vocals), Nick Kivlen (guitar, vocals) and Jacob Faber (drums) have just finished a world tour and will be returning to a muddy British field near you to kick up a serious riot. A fearless frontwoman, Cummings radiates a youthful, punk energy, while Kivlen and Faber bring impressive, head-spinning melodies that will serve as a sharp reminder that guitar music is definitely not dead.

Festival Hub Performances 3

Born in Bermondsey, South London, Kwabs has been repping the UK for the past year with his poker-hot blend of electro and R&B. His 2015 debut album, Love + War, was nominated for the Mercury Prize, and his standout single ‘Walk’ is guaranteed to be the highlight of his festival sets this summer. For his performances, Kwabs comes backed by a full-bodied live band, joining up the instrumental dots to help his honeyed vocal really jump off the page.

Festival Hub Performances 4

Islington MC Little Simz has been rapping for a decade now, but only released her critically-acclaimed debut album, A Curious Tale Of Trials + Person, last year. Fleshed out by her trio of live drummer and two keyboardists, expect to hear heartfelt anecdotes about her life, alongside razor-sharp witticisms for good measure. Her live set is the perfect antidote for fuzzy festival heads with a few party-starters of its own. 'Dead Body’ is sure to fire up the crowd.

Festival Hub Performances 5

Don’t be fooled by this duo's unnervingly cannibalistic name, their off-kilter brand of pop is about as menacing as Red Riding Hood at a tea party. Two teens from Norwich, Let’s Eat Grandma have just released their debut album, I Gemini, and it’s already one of the picks of the year, peppered with handclaps, sax solos and harmonies that soar high with raw emotion. The pair care little for on-stage small talk, so brace yourself for a live set that leans heavily on the music and the magic.

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