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We introduce Mimi Thorisson, chef, author and writer of the blog Manger, which charts her gastronomic journeys through rural France and beyond.

We spoke with her to learn more about her life, what inspires her cooking and who she most admires.

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Tell us more about your background.

With a French mother and a Chinese father, I grew up in Hong Kong and spent all my holidays in my mother's hometown in the South of France. I had a career in fashion, television and later on as a culinary journalist and lived in London and Paris before moving to the Médoc. 

Can you tell us about what started your interest in cooking?

I fell in love with good food as a child, thanks to my father who is such a gourmet. We would spend countless quality hours around the table, at amazing restaurants, then I decided one day to start cooking myself and try to reproduce all my favourite meals.

What influences and inspires the way you cook, and how would you describe your style of cooking?

My grandmother and aunt are my main inspiration. As a child, I would assist them in the kitchen, savouring every little detail. They made everything look so easy and effortless, it was like magic. My style of cooking is inspired from their kitchen - French seasonal family dishes.

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What lead your decision to move to the French countryside?

Well, we like to joke that it was the dogs that led the way! We had a growing family and 4 dogs in a Paris apartment - it was getting a little crowded at home, so we decided to look for a bigger Parisian apartment. We somehow broadened our search and found a house in Médoc instead!

When and why did you start your blog? Can you tell us more about it?

I started 'Manger' a year after moving to the Médoc. I was inspired to write about my new life, through food and adventure. It was a brilliant way to connect with my friends, and team up with my husband through his photography. Today, 'Manger' is a husband & wife team.  It's a natural and organic part of our lives. It's a real story that unfolds every day.

What do you think is the most important thing when cooking?

Enthusiasm and patience.

Looking at your blog, all of your ingredients are very carefully chosen - where do you source them?

All the ingredients I use are sourced locally, from local farmers, producers. Without good produce there is no point even trying, it all starts there.

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What is your favourite dish?

Lobster with a Jura wine sorrel sauce, but that's just because I have that craving right now, tomorrow you might get a different answer.

What cook do you most admire?

Stéphane Jego at L'ami Jean. He is a true wizard in the kitchen, not chasing Michelin stars; it's the pursuit of excellence for the sake of a good meal.

Who do you consider to be the ultimate pioneer?

I would say La Mère Brazier [the first female chef to be awarded 3 Michelin stars] - she is a role model for women chefs out there. 

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