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Luke Evans is a London-based creative talent whose work is never quite what it seems. In his Forge series, photographs of what appear to be other-worldly landscapes, are actually scenes created in his kitchen using sand and smoke.

These artworks came completely by accident. He was baking one day and suddenly recognised the patterns he had inadvertently created. “I had flour all over the work top; it looked like a Martian landscape, something straight out of a sci-fi film.”

LukeEvans 1

“You could call Forge an exercise in frugality, as I limited myself to just objects around my house. For each image, it was a case of selecting certain items and just playing with the possibilities. Growing up in rural Herefordshire, I guess I’ve been subconsciously tied to the rolling hills, lakes, and misty morning fog.”

LukeEvans 2

A perfectionist, Luke says the hardest part of the project was getting the shots to look convincing, using a special lens to capture his images.

His quest for the perfect illusion did not stop there. “I needed the sea spray to be blurry, as if it were pin-sharp you’d be able to tell it was salt. It took hundreds of frames to get just the right one, including some with my hand accidentally in shot.”

LukeEvans 3

Having only recently left university, Luke Evans’ work has already been snapped up to be displayed by Charles Saatchi.

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