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We take a look at Stockholm-based artists Inka & Niclas, whose work is inspired by the sunset and the power it holds on the imagination.

Using mirrors and camera techniques, they recreate the light and colours of this everyday, yet spectacular moment, capturing and transferring it onto various scenes and objects.

inkaniclas 1 3024x2015

“In this series we were trying to camouflage rock formations by the shoreline into the sunset behind, using a flash and filters, and obviously failing. The fact that the stones were magically glowing in these sunset-colours for a 1/1000th of a second and we couldn't even see it happening there at the moment is fascinating. The only way to experience the rock wrapped in fake sunset is through the photograph.”

inkaniclas 2 3024x2015

The results are captivating with the colours heightening the natural beauty of the craggy outcrops. However working outdoors in these unpredictable conditions comes with its challenges.

“We always head out with a set of ideas of what we are going to do and what the results are going to be. Working with photography outside reality is always going to mess with those ideas; it’s a constant negotiation between where we want to take the work and what reality decides to do with it - winds blow, clouds come and go, mountains or trees obstruct the view.”

inkaniclas 3 3024x2015

“Understanding that it is virtually impossible to be in control can be both frustrating and liberating. The photographs are always a result of a collaboration between the two of us, the nature, the elements, and the camera.”

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