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Designers Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings, working under the name Fort Standard, create innovative furniture and products with a clear focus on natural materials.

Their portfolio brings together a mixture of polished client work and rough-and-ready personal projects that all maintain a clear focus on natural materials and functional design.

FortStandard 1

Though they’ve designed high-end lighting solutions, marble coffee tables and stretched leather chairs, Gregory and Ian excel when fashioning products by hand. Back in 2011 they released a set of hand-cut, hand-painted balancing blocks designed to be stacked by the user which were followed up two years later with a range of stools that utilised the same geometry . The ‘Chainsaw Stools’ were made from fallen trees found around the pair’s Brooklyn studio, designed by chance according to the dimensions of the available wood.

FortStandard 2

FortStandard 3

Some of their more polished products also display an influence of the outdoors; the ‘Life Is Precious’ survival kit incorporating a pen knife, matches, fishing wire and compass within a machined metal body that’s as ornate an object as you’ d ever be inclined to take on a hike.

FortStandard 4

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