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British photographer David Ryle’s work has a way of making the viewer feel very small. His series, Ice Walkers, presents us with humans reduced to minuscule, primary dots on the landscape.

The work is shot just off a peak called Aiguille du Midi in the Alps with vast expanses of white snow interspersed with blue glaciers.

17 DavidRyle 1

“I feel that by using a natural landscape and then placing human elements into the frame, it helps to give the picture context and scale.

“Using the bright fabrics of the trekkers against the pure white of the snow, or in another series having motorways cutting through deserts, is a way of splitting the image and showing signs of existence without the need to concentrate on the micro.

17 DavidRyle 2

“I think I instinctively want some form of human activity in my images to make them not just landscapes.”

17 DavidRyle 3

It is fascinating to see an often unforgiving environment photographed in this way, but achieving this new perspective was not without its challenges.

“For me the biggest test was the altitude. We went up there pretty quickly, shot and came down just as a storm was rolling in. I grew up in the flatlands of Lincolnshire so high altitude is not something I am used to!”

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