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There are quite a few blogs that match up and draw parallels between sets of imagery, but very few do it as well as Bianca Luini’s Where I See Fashion.

The Milan-based fashion design student pairs up images from recent collections with other photographs found online, a process she says “sometimes takes weeks, and sometimes takes a second.”

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Her eye for detail in expressing the intricacies of the designs, and her ability to curate matches that make perfect sense – whether for very obvious or less tangible reasons – helps explain the site’s huge popularity. But the reasons for starting the blog go far beyond simple aesthetic pleasure.

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“The fashion world has always fascinated me; I am constantly inspired by the incredible creations of designers all over the world. I know very well that there is a huge research process to find inspiration for the shapes, colours and fabrics of any collection, so wherever I see an interesting fashion show or editorial I can't help but wonder where the ideas came from!

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“It's fascinating how we are all inspired by what's around us but each one of us is attracted by different things, even the most unexpected, and this is what I'm trying to show with my blog.”

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It's important though for Bianca that her blog is not just seen as a bit of fun. “I am the kind of person that avoids taking anything too seriously, but I have to admit that there is also a serious message behind my blog. People think fashion is shallow but actually it's a world where creativity is very important and this is one of the reasons why it's always been my passion.”

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