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With her debut album just released, we take a closer look at musician on the rise, BANKS.

First emerging in early 2013, it is clear that BANKS - full name Jillian Banks - stands apart from her contemporaries. Featuring among the tracks used at our autumn/winter 2014 runway show, her unique brand of electronic soul has a new and distinctive sound.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the singer/songwriter has received much critical acclaim and has been a permanent fixture on the bloggers circuit ever since she posted her first track, the enchanting 'Before I Ever Met You', on the web last year.

She has since released several more records, each carving out her own niche more clearly. ‘Warm Water’ instantly draws you in with its nocturnal beats, while ‘This Is What It Feels Like' manages to feel wonderfully sultry despite its cold and distorted synths.

Her latest offering ‘Drowning’ tells the tale of a woman scorned, set against a backdrop of hip-hop inspired beats, dark synths and her own spectral vocals. Expect big things from her newly released debut album ‘Goddess’.

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