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Alex Chinneck is a master of illusions. The British artist has forged a unique career creating architectural sculptures that play with our perceptions, tricking us into doubting our visual faculties.

As Alex’s reputation grows, so too does the ambition of his extraordinary, and often eccentric creations. In 2012, he gained notoriety for identically smashing each individual window of an abandoned London factory and a year later he flipped the façade of a building in Blackfriars.

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2014 saw him at his busiest, creating a melting house from bricks of wax and a levitating building in Covent Garden piazza.

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“It’s by far the most challenging project I’ve ever had,” Alex says. “We had to go through all the processes you’d go through building a full-size building.

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“The idea itself is actually quite simple. I don’t get too bogged down in concept or meaning or message. It’s not so much about what but about how. It’s when I realise how we create the illusion and how it would work visually that I become excited.”

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