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From the sun-drenched highs of Field Day’s main stage, to the mud mires of Glastonbury’s acoustic field, Hunter introduces the essential packing list for the 2016 festival season.

Traditional British festivals guarantee an unpredictable combination of sunshine and showers, with the occasional thunderstorm thrown in for good measure. If you’re venturing further afield, to festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Hideout or Benicassim, dry conditions are sure to prevail. With this in mind, it is important to pack intelligently, lightly and with all eventualities covered.

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You will need: tent, sleeping bag, a pair of wellies, gas stove and kettle, phone charger, torch, ear plugs, tissue.

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Don’t forget: torch, ear plugs, tissue, lightweight outerwear, a pair of slides, phone battery booster.

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If you are attending a festival this year, there’s a good chance something will get lost, whether it’s the plot, your way or, devastatingly, your wellies. Fortunately, each event will have its own Lost and Found team. Here are some of the stranger objects found in the fields after festivalgoers had departed.

Just in case: a bag full of barristers’ wigs, a wheel of cheese, hairdressing mannequin head, a stuffed puffer fish, hawaiian-shirted gorilla costume.

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