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With its history dating back to 1829 and a continued relationship with Hunter, discover more about the annual Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.

The race takes place in early April or late March, with the exact time changing each year to coincide with low tide, so that the crews are rowing to the fastest current. The course stretches over four miles along the River Thames in the south west of the city, with thousands of spectators lining the entire route every year for a glimpse of the challengers.

Hunter boot is an official partner of the boat race and provides boots for the Oxford and Cambridge competitors. The boots are essential for the rowers, which Malcolm Howard, the President of the Oxford team - last year’s winners - explained in our conversation with him.

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"We’re careful with the water, as we don’t have docks here, so we’re really quite fortunate to have Hunter boots as they enable us to walk out to the boat, whilst keeping the Tideway off us. They make it so much easier for us to launch the boat."

Find out more about the boat race in our interview, where we caught up with Malcolm Howard and spoke about success, leadership and what makes a winning team.

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