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Cambridge men’s crew and Oxford women’s crew celebrate pioneering victories in The Cancer Research UK Boat Races 2016.

27 March 2016 saw Cambridge University Boat Club and Oxford University Women’s Boat Club row to victory over their rivals after months of gruelling training and preparation.

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On the banks of the Tideway, over a quarter of a million spectators braved hail and thunder storms to cheer as the crews powered their way along the demanding four mile course. It was only the second time in the race’s history that women have competed on the same day as their male counterparts.

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The Oxford’s women’s crew, featuring Everyday Pioneer and OUWBC President Maddy Badcott, overcame treacherous conditions and crossed the finish line with a time of 21 minutes and 49 seconds, beating Cambridge for the fourth successive year.

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“These conditions are worse that anything I’ve ever rowed on the Tideway,” commented Maddy, after the adrenalin-fuelled race, “but we train all year to be ready for anything and we’re just so glad it’s turned out well for us.”

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Battling against a strong headwind, Cambridge’s oarsmen led from the start. The dedicated crew, including strong stroke and Everyday Pioneer Lance Tredell, edged ahead in the early stages and never relinquished, out-powering their Oxford rivals to win by an impressive two and a half lengths and a time of 18 minutes and 38 seconds.

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“After losing twice, coming out here and winning is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before,” Cambridge University Boat Club President Henry Hoffstot told the BBC. “A lot of hard work goes into this. What a spectacular day for the light blues.”

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As an official partner of the Boat Races, Hunter would like to congratulate all four crews participating in this year’s event. Their steadfast commitment to the sport, and pioneering attitude towards balancing their academic obligations with a punishing training regime, is unparalleled.

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Exclusively designed to celebrate the event, Hunter Field’s Official Boots for the 2016 Cancer Research UK Boat Races bear the emblem and colour of each competing crew.

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