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Move a step closer to the future, as we discover those working at the forefront of digital art at the Barbican's new exhibition.

Flashing screens, 3D printed sculptures and interactive light installations form a flickering backdrop as the latest offerings from the world of digital art, music and fashion are presented at Digital Revolution.


Be it augmented reality, artificial intelligence or creative coding, a wide cross-section of the digital sphere is addressed, with a further glance given to everyday life and how such technologies will play a part. The exhibition explores the changing art world, as new and emerging technologies influence today's creative communities, giving rise to a new generation of artists.


Highlights of Digital Revolution include Chris Milk's interactive shadow play, The Treachery of Sanctuary, which makes its debut in the UK, while Usman Haque and Dot Samsen of Umbrellium create a dazzling, three-dimensional light display in their work, Antebellum.


The exhibition not only looks to the future, but takes a nostalgic turn. Looking back at our digital past, the exposition features icons such as Shigeru Miyamoto's Super Mario Bros in 1985 and Allan Alcorn's hit of the 1970s, Pong.

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