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Rubber Buffer
Rubber Buffer
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rubber buffer

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rubber buffer
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Rubber Buffer

    Hunter Original

    Heartbeat of the brand, Hunter Original is the home of the Original boot and the world that surrounds it. From city-ready styles to iconic festival essentials, the collection is inspired by Hunter’s spirit and heritage of 160 years, taking reference from the Original boot to create weatherproof footwear, outerwear and accessories.


    To keep Hunter rubber boots in optimum condition, we recommend this rubber buffer. The liquid removes white marks, known as 'bloom'. This is a common process, characteristic of high quality, natural rubber, in which insoluble particles rise to the surface.

    Watch the How To Clean Your Boots film to discover more about the Hunter care collection.

    • Suitable for matte, gloss, neon, metallic, pearlised finishes
    • Excessive use on metallic and pearlised styles may effect the finish
    Product code: UZC3010XXX-CLR

    Size & care

    • 150ml bottle


      Great product love it and will be back for more

      Very good for cleaning and protecting Hunter boots.


      I primarily bought this to resolve the blooming (highly visible since 2013) on my Hunter boots. I had previously tried DIY remedies to no avail. But when I took them out from the back of my closet today, the blooming had disappeared entirely. I think I last wore them in April 2016. So I tried the Rubber Buffer on my Burberry boots which had more pronounced blooming than even the Hunters - it worked perfectly! I am thoroughly impressed & relieved. The only thing that might change my opinion of this product is how often I will have to wipe down the boots. We'll have to wait and see. Thanks Hunter!

      Boots look new and shiny again! Easy to use.

      A must-have for boot owners!


      Good overall .......................


      Worked perfectly. My boots were so dull and this brought them back to their original shine.